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Terms of Service

Little World Of Satoshi offers players a recreational and fun game. Players are rewarded in bitcoin

1- Age and Legislation:

The player should be confirmed to be at least 13 years old and should be in accordance with the laws of his country. Some countries consider the Bitcoin as a currency or have different age requirements.

2- Account:

Only one account per individual is allowed.

3- Behavior:

The player agrees to have a correct behavior and courteous. Any inappropriate behavior will have a consequence.

4- Referral System:

Little World Of Satoshi doesn't use referral system and doesn't allow the advertisement of external website’s referral links in its communication spaces (ie chat and forum).

5- Cookies:

Cookies are used only to identify the players and to maintain gaming sessions.

6- Local Storage:

If the player browser allowed this technology, the Local Storage is used to locally store game options.

7- Browser:

A recent and compliant browser (HTML-5) is required to play on Little World Of Satoshi (ie Firefox, Chrome). Internet Explorer is not supported.

8- Username:

The choice of the username shouldn't be offensive or abusive to other players. The username is public.

9- Password, IP and E-mail:

Your e-mail, password and IP address is considered private. They are stored only for the purpose of identifying players and to guarantee their safety.

10- Balance:

The balance is expressed in Satoshi (which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin) or Bitcoin and should not be considered due.

11- Advertising:

Little World Of Satoshi uses several advertising agencies and isn't responsible for the content of advertisements. It is up to the player to be cautious when clicking on a banner ad. Some advertising agencies use cookies to track user activity. Do not overuse click. Click only on ads that interest you.

12- Ad-blockers:

Ad-blockers aren't allowed and and could lead to account closure.

13- Security breach and bugs:

Any security breach or bugs must be announced and not exploited.

14- Traffic:

Any abusive traffic noted from the side of a player or its IP will involve the closure of the account.

15- Scripts:

The use of scripts (ie robot) is not allowed.

16- Inactivity:

In the event of inactivity, the balance of the player will be dropped to 0. (ie 14 days)

17- IP restriction:

Only one account can be logged in simultaneously per IP.

18- About terms of service:

Little World Of Satoshi reserves the right to modify the terms of the service.


For any contact: little.world.of.satoshi / gmail.com

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