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Terms of Service

Little World Of Satoshi offers players a recreational and fun multiplayer game. Players are rewarded in satoshis, a unity of Bitcoin. Withdrawals are made once a week. Therefore, this game is primarily for regular players.

1- Age and Legislation:

The player should be confirmed to be at least 13 years old and should be in accordance with the laws of his country. Some countries consider the Bitcoin as a currency or have different age requirements.

2- Account:

Only one account per individual is allowed. The player is responsible for the use of his account.

3- Behavior:

The player agrees to have a correct behavior and courteous. Any inappropriate behavior (insults,etc) will have a consequence.

4- Referral System:

Little World Of Satoshi doesn't use referral system and doesn't allow the advertisement of external website’s referral links in its communication spaces (ie chat and forum).

5- Cookies:

Cookies are used only to identify the players and to maintain gaming sessions.

6- Local Storage:

If the player browser allowed this technology, the Local Storage is used to locally store game options.

7- Browser:

A recent and compliant browser (HTML-5) is required to play on Little World Of Satoshi (ie Firefox, Chromium, Chrome, Opera). Internet Explorer is not supported. Webkit engine is not supported.

8- VPN and Proxy:

The use of VPN and PROXY is strongly discouraged and may result in the closure of your account.

9- Username:

The choice of the username shouldn't be offensive or abusive to other players. Use only pseudonyme and alias, never private data. The username is public.

10- Password, IP and E-mail:

Your e-mail, password and IP address is considered private. They are stored and encrypted only for the purpose of identifying players and to guarantee their safety. The email is not required.

11- The balance:

The balance (amount) of your account is expressed in satoshis (which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin) or Bitcoin. Should not be considered due.

12- Advertising:

Little World Of Satoshi uses several advertising agencies and isn't responsible for the content of advertisements. It is up to the player to be cautious when clicking on a banner ad. Some advertising agencies use cookies to track user activity. Do not overuse click. Click only on ads that interest you.

13- Ad-blockers:

Ad-blockers aren't allowed and and could lead to account closure.
If you are using an ad blocker, add littleworldofsatoshi.com into its whitelist.

14- Security breach and bugs:

Any security breach or bugs must be announced and not exploited.

15- Traffic:

Any abusive traffic noted from the side of a player or its IP will involve the closure of the account.

16- Scripts:

The use of scripts (ie robot) is not allowed.

17- Inactivity:

If a player does not log in:
  • after 14 days: the amount of the account of the player will be dropped to 0,
  • after 28 days: the landmines, the earned games and extra features will be dropped to 0.

18- IP restriction:

Only 3 accounts (1 account per individual) can be logged in simultaneously per IP. You can play with your family.

19- Mining:

Mining is no longer proposed.

20- Payout:

In order to be paid, the player must enter a Bitcoin address. A Bitcoin address is considered public. There are 2 ways to withdraw:

- Direct payout to your wallet: Payments are made every Sunday directly to the Bitcoin address. Depending on the state of the Bitcoin network (mempool), transacton fees may be required.

- FaucetHub

21- Closure of account:

You can request the closure of your account. There is no automatic procedure and you will have to contact LWOS by email or a member of the Staff on the chat of the site or on the private chat of the Forum. Closing the account will delete your personal data (password, email, chat messages,forum topic and messages) and amounts will be lost. Nevertheless, the public data will be kept (username,results, payments, etc.).

22- About terms of service:

Little World Of Satoshi reserves the right to modify the terms of the service.


For any contact: little.world.of.satoshi [ @ ] gmail [.] com

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