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How to play

Welcome to ChickenIsland: where in a multiplayer 3D environment, you must collect coins. There are different types of weather on the island (sunny, windy, cloudy,...)

The game uses OpenGL and is compatible with Firefox, Chromium and Opera. The size of the browser window impacting performance. Check the FAQ if you encouter technical problem to play.

When you enter the island all you need to do it to is to start running around collecting coins.

To move:

  • 8 or or C Forward
  • 4 or or X Turn Left
  • 6 or or V Turn Right
  • SPACE Run
  • SHIFT Lay

You can lay your non-secured coins. Coins will be blocked for one minute. You can play in team if you want and exchange your winnings with your teammate on the withdrawal page

There are 6 types of coins:

  • yellow: X1
  • cyan : X2
  • blue : X3
  • pink : X4
  • purple: X5
  • black : X6 and +

Run consumes stamina. To recover stamina, simply walk or chew an apple. Be careful not to consume too much apples if your health and stamina are already at maximum because this can cause a nervous lay!

The coins you collected need to be secured back at the spawn to count.

A spawn is a plateform.

There are 3 types of spawn:

  • Yellow spawn: You can respawn and secure your coins.
  • Blue spawn : You can only secure your coins.
  • Red spawn : You can only respawn.
Type of spawns

Unsecured coins will be lost at the end of the game.

Here Unsecured coins:


Now, Secured coins:


Be careful! if the wolf sees you you'll starting to lose health quickly and will need red coins to recover it:


If you die during the game you will be automatically respawned to the island after a few seconds.

Chicken can not swim and die in water. Wind or other players can push you.

You can press H to see available commands:


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