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How to play

Welcome to ChickenIsland: where in a multiplayer 3D environment, you must collect coins. There are different types of weather on the island (sunny, windy, cloudy,...)

This game is mainly for regular players. It will be difficult for passing players to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold. Do not forget as you read in the TOS, that after a certain inactivity (14 days), your balance is reset.

You can only play a limited number of games a day. Your remaining number of games is indicated on your user panel and on the dashboard. This counter is reset after the first game of the day (UTC).


When you enter the island all you need to do it to is to start running around collecting coins.


  • ↑ Walk
  • ← Turn Left
  • → Turn Right
  • SPACE Run
  • L Lay
  • BACKSPACE Place/Pickup a landmine
  • ENTER Lock a spawn
There are 6 types of coins:
  • yellow: X1
  • cyan : X2
  • blue : X3
  • pink : X4
  • purple: X5
  • black : X6 and +

The key configuration can be changed. For this, in the game, you must enter the help (H key by default). Reconfigure the keys you want and save (otherwise the configuration will be lost the next time you load). There are also options (O key by default) that can improve the fluidity of the game for those who do not have a powerful computer. More information: forum

The coins you collected need to be secured back at a red/blue spawn to count.

The game places the coins on the map by wave, every minute past except for the last minute. During the Chocolate-Time, the lost coins are partly redistributed during each wave and a last wave takes place at the last minute with the coins lost, not yet redistributed.


On some maps, when indicated, it is possible to lay. You can lay your non-secured coins. You lay 10% of them. Coins laid will be blocked for you for 30 seconds. Some maps like Farmland require you to grow your coins. Exceeded a certain number of coins on the ground (200), the game doesn't place again but valorizes those already in place. Thus, laying your coins, you would value them to the next waves of coins. There are 2 types of laying: walking and running. There is now a maximum of 1280 coins possible. Exceeded this number, laying is no more possible.


The ranking is a SPEED and is based on the number of normal coins collected and the time taken. The game makes the difference between the coins collected (ie normal coin) and the coins laid collected. Notice that a coin laid where the time has expired becomes a normal coin. Between team members of the same team, the laid coins are considered normal.


You can play in team by creating your own team or by joining a team. A team shares the same skill. Coins and prizes at the end of the game are shared equally according to the playing time of each. Members of the same team can land on spawns blocked by their team. Only the owner of the blocked spawn can unlock it. A team (2 players who have played at least) that wins a game during the chocolate time wins +1 point in score. The members of a team are set at the begining of a game. Members can send/receive message from the other members.


This is a special feature. Players who actively participate in the game financing, mining, have their account credited with landmines. However:

  • you can buy them or receive gift from other player: check Market
  • you can win some landmines at the Lottery: check Lottery
Number of landmines are shown on your Dashboard. If you touch it or get too close to it, you will die and the time to come back will be longer. The breath of the explosion will not die you directly, but you will lose health/stamina. The owner or teammate can pass through or pick-up. A mine can be placed or pickup anywhere with the BACKSPACE . All landmine placed on map are deduced from account. Some maps don't allow landmines. Some maps have protection zones (red) where is not possible to place landmines. You can place 8 landmines simultaneously on the map, maximum.

Stamina and Weight:

Run consumes stamina. To recover stamina, simply walk or chew an apple. Be careful not to consume too much apples if your health and stamina are already at maximum because this can cause a nervous lay! If during a nervous lay you have no unsecured coin, this will give a white coin. Collecting a white coin causes a nervous lay.

The more unsecured coins you have, the lower your speed and the greater your inertia.

A spawn is a plateform.

There are 3 types of spawn:

Type of spawns
  • Yellow spawn: You can respawn and secure your coins.
  • Blue spawn : You can only secure your coins.
  • Red spawn : You can only respawn.

Some maps offer extra features:

Magnet Magnet spawn: you are assigned to a spawn for the duration of the game.
Lock spawn: You can block a red/yellow spawn for 10 . You can recredit it. The spawn will be blocked for 2 intrusions.
- To block a spawn, press RETURN
- To unlock a spawn, press CTRL+RETURN

Unsecured coins will be lost at the end of the game.

Here Unsecured coins:


Now, Secured coins:


Be careful! On some maps, the wolves stand guard and they are ruthless. If you are in their field of vision, they will absorb your vitality. If you touch them, you will die instantly.
Just like apples, you will find mushroom trees nearby. Avoid them because they are naussive for your health. One will remove 50% of your vitality, another will reverse your sense of rotation for 10 seconds and the last will stop you for 10 seconds.

If you die during the game you will be automatically respawned to the island after a few seconds.

Chicken can not swim and die in water. Wind or other players can push you.

You can press H to see available commands

You can press O to see available options. Some options are interesting for those who have difficulty playing normally because of a slow internet connection or a weak graphics.


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