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The objective of LWOS is to offer some free satoshis to the users, in the form of an online game, so that they can become familiar with the Bitcoin system.

LWOS funding comes mainly from personal funds. Since a few years of activity, different methods have been applied to finance LWOS: advertising agencies, investment, advertising video, webmining, mining, etc.

More informations on the Forum.
The game works fine with:
  • Chromium
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Maxthon
  • Ucbrowser
  • Opera
The game uses OpenGL.
You have OpenGL installed on your machine?
OpenGL is usually installed along with your graphics drivers.
See https://www.opengl.org/wiki/Getting_Started

Some graphics cards or drivers prevent WebGL working. Just in this case to reactivate, type in the address bar "about:config", then change the preference "webgl.force-enabled" to "true".
For Windows:
You can install OpenGL Extensions Viewer 4.0 Series to test check and test your OpenGL drivers.
OpenGL Extensions Viewer 4.0 Series

You can test your browser here: TEST

If OpenGL is installed, also check the browser options that:
  • hardware acceleration is enabled
  • WebGL is allowed.

Some browsers are not compatible with the Audio API used.
The size of the browser window influences the performance. Try to reduce it. The game also requires a good Internet connection and a graphics card. Try different browsers to find the best for you.
The hardware acceleration and WebGL is perhaps not enabled in your browser.

There is now 2 ways to withdraw your satoshis.

- Direct payouts:

The payments are direct to your Bitcoin wallet and automatic provided the amount your balance exceeds the minimum threshold. You must have entered a valid Bitcoin address in your account profile. See more information

- FaucetHub (until 7th December 2019 16:00UTC):

Fill your faucethub address into your profile and go to withdraw page.

- ExpressCrypto:

Fill your expresscrypto user unique id into your profile and go to withdraw page.

To receive your satoshis, it is necessary to have a Bitcoin address.

The best is to have your own Bitcoin wallet, to learn how to use Bitcoin (learn how to receive or send bitcoins).

For having your own Bitcoin wallet:

You can download and install Electrum. You will have a Bitcoin address in a few minutes. Electrum is a wallet very light and easy to use. Website of Electrum

You can also use a Bitcoin address from an exchange (Poloniex, Kraken, BITTREX, etc) or from FaucetHub.

Of course not!

LWOS aims to earn you free satoshis to familiarize you with Bitcoin. So there is no reason for you to deposit some bitcoins.

We draw your attention to the fact that there are many scams in the world of cryptocurrency. If you encounter faucets that offer to deposit some bitcoins to earn more: be really careful. Many websites leave with the cash, without warning!

FPS means: frame per second.

Ideally, your FPS should be that of your monitor, usually 60 FPS.

If you get less than 10 FPS, it probably means that your computer is not using the hardware acceleration of your graphics card and that your processor is doing all the work.

The PING is the time (measured in milliseconds: ms) taken by information to come and go between two machines on a network.

In other words, this is the reaction time of your Internet connection with a specific site.

To play correctly, your PING must be low (under 100ms) and stable.

You can test your PING: here

Note this:
Your Internet provider or some Internet sites may offer you to test your ping and your rate. However, these tests are not relevant because these tools will connect networks close to you (so probably a very good time). Only the time measured between LWOS and your computer is relevant.

The use of VPN and proxy will tend to increase the ping time.

To limit player activity, LWOS uses a game counting system. The amount of games available to a player is the sum of two counters.

The daily counter: every day (midnight, Paris time), this counter is reset and the player receives 20 new games.

The weekly counter: It is possible to win additional free games (American 8, guessing games) that will be credited to this counter. This counter is reduced by 10% each week (Paris time).

When you have played a game, the weekly counter will be decremented in priority.

If during the game, you have not securised any coins, the counter is not decremented.

Sometimes there are phantom items (coins, mushrooms, landmines) due to the simultaneous add and delete action during the same frame.

Chickens can sometimes crisscross. Try to move anyway, it could unlock the situation. In the worst case, you can self-kill.

Due to a limitation of the game, if you have a high momentum, you can cross some items without releasing them (coins, mushrooms, landmines)

This is part of the game. Feel free to do the same. The competition between players is quite normal. Players can push other players into the water, poison them, etc. You can eventually join a team to get better protection.

The unit value is calculated for each game based on available funds.

But the unit value also fluctuates according to the hours.

This fluctuation is calculated according to the rush hours of players over the previous week.

At times of low inflow, the unit value is low and conversely, during peak hours, the value increases.

Check the hours chart: here

LWOS uses real-time finance. The unit value of each piece to be picked up is calculated based on funds available and time. If this value drops below a certain threshold, the game engine will not offer a new game.

Try to come back later.

Check the hour chart and read the news about LWOS.

The objective of Temps Chocolate is to bring together a maximum of players for an intense moment of pleasant competition. Team play is preferred.

Since the 23th September 2019, The regular Chocolate times are over. However, the Special Chocolate Times are maintained, to celebrate the Seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring)

The regular Chocolate times were taking place each weekend, the Saturday and Sunday, at 17:00 UTC.

Unless otherwise stated, The special Chocolate times take place at 17:00 UTC too, the day of the event.

a Chocolate Time lasts 1 hour (5/6 maps). The played maps are selected according to the votes received before the starting. Some maps can be added for the event (Ring map, for example)

If there is a Chocolate Time to come, a counter is displayed on the right panel, indicating the time remaining before the event.

During a Chocolate Time:
  • The value of the reward is significantly increased.
  • All maps had only sun for weather condition (except for IceCream map).
  • Laying and landmines are allowed on all maps
  • The balls lost during the game are redistributed during the game:
    • a part at each wave
    • the remaining at the last wave 1:00 (except for Gump/Spiral maps at 2:00)

Nowadays, difficult to escape the affiliate systems: they are everywhere!

Affiliation systems are designed to reward users based on the number of affiliates. To be done, all too often, users do not hesitate to pollute the communication spaces (forums, social networks, chat room, etc.) to promote a service or a website with their affiliate link.

In the end, the information is biased: you don't know if this person is promoting a service or a website for its quality ... or only on the possible reward of affiliation!

LWOS has chosen not to use such a system. You can promote LWOS objectively to your friends,

Initially, LWOS had many more translated and dedicated pages depending on the language. Unfortunately, with each modification of the content, it requires a lot of work and moreover, the translation is often of poor quality, except for French and English.

Also, it has become easier to offer only English with optionally the ability to translate the page with Google with a button.

For obvious errors of translation (keywords, etc), you can always propose a better translation on our Forum!


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