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The game works fine with:
  • Chromium
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Maxthon
  • Ucbrowser
  • Opera
The game uses OpenGL.
You have OpenGL installed on your machine?
OpenGL is usually installed along with your graphics drivers.
See https://www.opengl.org/wiki/Getting_Started

Some graphics cards or drivers prevent WebGL working. Just in this case to reactivate, type in the address bar "about:config", then change the preference "webgl.force-enabled" to "true".
For Windows:
You can install OpenGL Extensions Viewer 4.0 Series to test check and test your OpenGL drivers.
OpenGL Extensions Viewer 4.0 Series

You can test your browser here: TEST

If OpenGL is installed, also check the browser options that:
  • hardware acceleration is enabled
  • WebGL is allowed.

Some browsers are not compatible with the Audio API used.
The size of the browser window influences the performance. Try to reduce it. The game also requires a good Internet connection and a graphics card. The best performance is obtained with the Opera browser.
The hardware acceleration and WebGL is perhaps not enabled in your browser.
A player has the right to push another into the water intentionally or by accident. You can do the same! You can easily identify the player by pressing   I  
For each game, the unit value of a piece is calculated based on the available budget.
Not in any way!

The game offers you earn satoshis by playing.
Make a deposit is totally irrelevant!
Beware of sites that offer you to earn satoshis and proposes to deposit.
First, it is unfair, then these sites (even the best known) very often end badly and go ... with the cash shamelessly.
An advice? Flee these sites!!!
The payments are automatic provided the amount your balance exceeds the minimum amount. You must have entered a Bitcoin address in your account. See more information
You can download and install Electrum.
You will have a Bitcoin address in a few minutes.
Electrum is a wallet very light and easy to use.
Website of Electrum
The Saturday and Sunday, at 17:00 UTC, for one hour, the value of the coin is increased.
The played maps are selected according to the votes received.
Don't forget to vote for your favourite.
The maps are without wind.

During chocolate time, some rules change. Some of the lost coins are redistributed to the next coin wave. At the last minute, if there are still lost pieces to distribute, a final wave takes place.

Systems of seo are used by websites to increase their own profit.
LWOS is not intended to be lucrative and there is no reason to use them.
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